The Search For The Right Cosmetic Dentist


If you are starting to feel that your selfies just do not come out right because your teeth need fixing, it is high time to consult a cosmetic dentist. Your confidence is affected by how you feel about yourself so it is important to take care of your appearance, especially when it is something as fixable as teeth.

Here are some tips to remember when looking for a cosmetic dentist:

1. Ask for referrals

There is no better person to ask than your family dentist. The family dentist is familiar with your history so he can recommend a practitioner who can work best with you. In addition to a cosmetic dentist, they could also refer you to other dental specialists like orthodontists, prosthodontics or a maxillofacial surgeon before one goes for a teeth upgrade. Look up online reviews of cosmetic dentists in your area and check before and after photos.

2. Find out crucial information

When you already have a list of options, ask for the following information:

a. How long has the dentist been practicing traditional and cosmetic dentistry?

b. What school did he or she take her general and postgraduate studies?

c. What international, national and local organizations is she a member or officer of?

d. The length of clinical training and experience the dentist had in performing a specific cosmetic dental procedure that one may require

e. Any modern technology like caries detection devices, CAD/CAM restoration, intraoral imaging or lasers that the dentist uses in performing the required procedure

f. If a file of before and after pictures of treated patients is available

g. If the clinic offers relaxing and anxiety-free programs like playing piped-in calming music, giving sedation medications, offering of spa services, and providing comfortable chairs

3. Ask during consultation

After choosing your dentist, talk to them about the requested treatment plan. This involves oral and facial examinations, results, and records. The patient’s record should show:

a. Results of a complete mouth exam and any existing dental works

b. X-ray results

c. Dental impressions of upper and lower teeth

d. A review of the chosen tooth shapes, sizes, and color

e. Printed images that present the current and proposed smile

4. Ask for the costs

It is better to be upfront and ask how much the treatment plan costs, and if you can take advantage of any discount offers, promotions, payment options or financial plans.

5. Expect hospitality

Whenever in the clinic, observe if the cosmetic dentist is professional but friendly, the staff is warm and welcoming, and the mood or vibe of the place is calm and relaxing.

6. Ask for details about the procedure

The treatment plan should be thoroughly discussed and include:

a. The details on the kind, amount and cost of dental materials

b. The schedule and frequency of clinic visits

c. The amount of time that the results would last

d. The procedure on how to maintain the desired look

It is best to be choosy and wise when looking for the right cosmetic dentist. That way, you will be in the care of one who values the time, work, and cost involved in trying to achieve that perfect smile.