RF Skin Tightening for Cellulite Elimination: The Real Score

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More and more individuals are resorting to radio frequency (RF) therapy to help tighten the skin and reduce cellulite visibility. This is often taken as part of body contouring and slimming therapies where RF waves are used to “mold” or “sculpt” certain areas of the body to its desired shape. While its use in the management of cellulite has been not without any controversy, it remains one of the most effective ways for “eliminating” cellulite. Or is it?

Cellulite is a multifactorial phenomenon. These are composed of fatty tissues that have been enmeshed in a dense network of fibers. Normally, the muscles of the body are wrapped in fatty connective tissue. These connective tissues are bathed, cleansed, and nourished by the different fluids of the body. Unfortunately, for some reasons, this movement of fluid is compromised leading to the accumulation of waste materials and toxins that clump together to form mass. This forms pockets that are pushed to the outer layers of the skin, forming the characteristic dimpling or bulging seen in cellulite.

Radio frequency therapy works by heating the fatty connective tissues so that these are stimulated to form more collagen. More importantly, the heating process help dilate the blood and lymph vessels found in the region to accomplish two things. First, the improved lymphatic drainage removes accumulated toxins and waste materials from the affected areas and facilitates their removal and elimination from the body. This leads to a reduction in the size of the “pockets” that are formed pushing outwards in the skin. Secondly, the enhanced blood circulation brings in the much needed nutrients and oxygen as well as other essential substances for the normal functioning of the different tissues at the site. Consequently, additional byproducts of metabolism are removed and filtered by the kidneys for excretion as urine.

There is a third function of RF which is directly related to its ability to tighten the skin. RF waves can help shrink the size of the fat cells that are compressing on the muscle tissues. This is achieved by burning the fat cells and have them mobilized to other parts of the body or are sent to the lymph for elimination. When fat cells are shrunk, the bulging or lumping appearance on the skin is greatly reduced, too. As an aid to the shrinking of the size of fat cells, the increased production of collagen also helps firm up the skin. This leads to an overall improvement in cellulite appearance.

If one thinks of RF skin tightening therapy as a permanent cure for cellulite, you might be disappointed learning that it isn’t. It’s effective in reducing cellulite but not forever eliminate it from your body without more proactive measures on your part.