Why Does Neuropathic Pain Occur Mostly In The Evening?

Pain Management & Relief

I have patients ask me this question all the time. You would believe that when a body is at rest there would be less pain. That is true most of the times of physical discomfort. When you rest a painful body part the pain is reduced. Nevertheless, with peripheral neuropathy, you have an organic condition that provides with physical discomfort.

Diabetic Neuropathy and Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy are referred to as comorbidities. Comorbidity is when you have a secondary health issue. When it comes to diabetic neuropathy, the diabetes is the main disease. For the CIPN (Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy
) the cancer is the main pathology. For alcoholic neuropathy, you can easily see where the neuropathy is originating from.

In all pathologies mentioned there is a lack of blood circulation to the extremities, the parts of the body outermost far from the heart.
The hands and feet are furthest far from your heart. We are all conscious that muscles need blood flow. The nerves likewise need blood circulation also. When there is a decline in sufficient blood supply the arteries become frail and harder. The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the legs and arms.

Have you seen what a dried sponge looks like? Well, something similar can happen inside the walls of the arteries when there is an absence of blood circulation. Resulting in the wall of the arteries solidifying. Jeopardized blood flow becomes more troublesome for individuals with peripheral neuropathy adding to increase pain and a lack of sensitivity.

You should be aware that the body heals when you sleep. Particular organs take control of control of blood flow not generally available throughout the day. An example would be the gall bladder takes over from 11:00 pm up until roughly 1:00 am. The liver cleanses the blood from 1:00 am up until 3:00 am. Have you ever observed the need to clear your bowels upon awakening? This is since the intestinal tracts get their blood flow quota from 5:00 am till 7:00 am. Now, these are not all exact times but fairly close. This information is based upon conventional Chinese organ body clock charts.

So there is some science behind my explanation.When you drift off to oversleep an immuno-compromised state the blood is not getting to your hands and feet. This is why pain is even worse at night for people with peripheral neuropathy. We advise nightly use of near infra-red light treatment prior to going to bed. This will help relax the legs or hands by dilating the capillary through the increased production of nitric oxide. I hope this info is handy.