The Black Trumpet Mushroom Is Worth Finding

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Mushrooms come in many different shapes and sizes, and the edible ones carry significant health benefits.

If youre looking to learn more about unique mushrooms, there are several that provide a nice change from the grocery store staple, the white button mushroom.

For instance, the lobster mushroom is a bright red color, like a cooked lobster, and the pheasant tail got its name because (you guessed it) of its resemblance to the feathers on a pheasant.

Another less common mushroom is the black trumpet. Its also called the horn of plenty, the trumpet of death/trumpet of the dead, or the black chanterelle.

The Black Trumpet Mushroom

The black trumpet is usually black but can also be brown or gray. It is shaped like a trumpet or a funnel, with edges that roll outwards. There are no gills or teeth on the underside, which is instead smooth or just slightly wrinkled.

Finding The Black Trumpet

The black trumpet is found in North, Central, and South America, Europe, Asia, and Japan. Its typically found in deciduous forests.

They are relatively easy to identify due to their shape, and they dont have any known poisonous look-alikes. Foragers should be able to identify them, but the difficulty lies in seeing them. Thats because their color and shape makes them hard to see, or theyre mistaken for small holes in the forest floor.

They typically fruit in the summer and fall, usually near hardwood trees but not right on the tree or right at the base of the tree. Instead, look in mossy areas or near washes or streams, and look straight down to try and spot them on the ground.

Black Trumpets Health Benefits

As with other mushrooms, black trumpets are healthy. They have benefits such as antioxidant properties that help them neutralize free radicals, fighting off cell damage, aging and degenerative diseases.

Mushrooms are also thought to help fight tumors and inflammation. All edible mushrooms have been shown to have beneficial properties like high fiber, high protein, a variety of vitamins, while also being low in fat and cholesterol.

The black trumpet also boasts considerable levels of Vitamin B-12, which plays an essential role in the formation of red blood cells, as well as in cell metabolism and nerve function.

Cooking With the Black Trumpet

Black trumpets can be cooked and used just like any other type of mushroom. Their flavor is described as buttery and smoky, with an intense flavor reminiscent of the forest. As such, its best to cook them with something that wont overpower their delicious flavor.

Black trumpets go well with poultry or other types of meat, with eggs or fish, or on their own with peppers and fresh herbs.

Final Thoughts

The black trumpet is one of those unique varieties of mushrooms that is worth finding and trying in your favorite mushroom recipe. The black trumpet adds flavor, texture, and a boost of health benefits to your diet, and it has the added bonus of high Vitamin B-12 content.