Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment Of Tooth Decay


When you were little, it may be alright to have a few decaying teeth because you will grow new ones (plus, you will get coins from the tooth fairy). But if you experience this condition when you are older, you will realize how difficult and embarrassing it is to lose some teeth.

Not brushing your teeth regularly is one of the main causes of the rapid decay of your mandibles and molars. However, there are also other factors that come into play such as unbalanced diet and bad habits. If you are being plagued by the question what is tooth decay, read on and learn more about its symptoms, causes, and treatments.

1. Overview

Your teeth get damaged when the germs and bacteria in your mouth start producing strong acid that can create holes or cavities in the surface of your pearly whites. If left untreated, it can lead to pain and infection.

2. Causes

Your mouth contains bacteria that feed on the leftover sugars from your previous meal. But aside from the bacteria, there are also several factors that will speed up the process of tooth decay. The first is irregular brushing or flossing of your pearly whites. Your diet will also determine the condition of your teeth. If you frequently eat a lot of food rich in sugar, the bacteria in your mouth will produce more acid.

Not enough fluoride, and even saliva can also cause rotting teeth. The former helps make your teeth more resistant to acid, while the latter washes the harmful sugars in your mouth. Lastly, diabetes and smoking can also cause teeth to rot.

3. Symptoms

This includes toothache, swelling of the gums around the sore teeth, halitosis, and black spots in the mouth. This condition is diagnosed through X-rays and analysis from your dentist.

4. Treatment

If you are asking about what is tooth decay, you may also be wondering about possible treatments. Well, the best solution is to prevent the buildup of plaque and development of cavities by regular brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentists.

But for severe cases, you need to undergo a root canal surgery. This is usually done if the damage reaches the pulp of your teeth. If there is a cavity, dentists can fill it up with a special material. A tooth can also be extracted if its root is badly damaged.

Having decayed teeth can be excruciating. To temporarily relieve pain, you can put a cold press on your cheeks. You can also take medications, provided that you consult your dentist first.

In conclusion, there a lot of ways to prevent and treat rotting teeth. Brush your teeth regularly, and avoid sugary foods.