Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry


Many dental issues are critical, and would require major or immediate treatment. Other issues like a chipped tooth or gap between the teeth can have less severe impact on health. But, these issues may still affect a person in other ways.

Problems like chipped or stained teeth affect the physical appearance of a person. They can lead to psychological or social issues in the long run. Dental problems of this kind can get fixed by cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry involves dental work on aesthetic improvements of teeth, bite, or gums. Its treatments include tooth reshaping, dental bridges, dental implants, and teeth whitening. Other procedures are bonding, crowning, filling, teeth straightening, and gum lifts.

Cosmetic dentistry generally offers no prevention or treatment to most dental problems. Some of its procedures may be expensive, and some may cause side effects. However, cosmetic dentistry continues to spread and develop fast because of its benefits.

What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry offers many advantages. But, it is important for a person to research well and seek medical advice first before deciding to do or take it. A person adequately prepared and educated can enjoy the following cosmetic dentistry benefits:

1. Visible results – The results of cosmetic dentistry treatments are visible. Stained or discolored teeth get whiter and crooked teeth become aligned. Gummy smiles that once show a lot of gum tissues above the top teeth improve with less exposed gums.

2. Can be painless; defined recovery time – Dentists can put fillings or implants in a few minutes to a little over an hour. Some procedures involve little to no pain as well. Recovery for most treatments ranges from a few hours to several months, and can be managed.

3. Look young, feel good – Yellow teeth, gaps between teeth, and gummy smiles are generally considered unattractive. Many people are seeking and using cosmetic dentistry for improved physical appearance. With improved looks and smiles, many people appear younger, too.

4. Boost confidence and inspire positive outlook – Improved physical appearance can enhance the self-esteem of an individual. It helps a person develop a generally more positive outlook. It can also lessen the negative emotions that come with having unaesthetic conditions.

5. Enhanced social skills and productivity – Some issues with teeth or jaws affect speech, and may have associated pain that can be stressful. People who have conditions perceived as unattractive may often become tense and unproductive. Cosmetic dentistry can help people feel good with themselves and with others.

6. Enjoy food or activities – Damaged teeth and gums affect chewing, and may limit food choices. Some persons may avoid the physical activities where they suffered damaged teeth from. When damaged teeth get repaired, people can enjoy the things they love.

7. Long-term successful results – Cosmetic dentistry results can last long, with proper care and maintenance. Dental implants and crowns can be durable up to a decade or two. Most treatments are well-studied, and have validated success rates.

8. Possible prevention of some dental issues – Cosmetic dentistry is mainly for aesthetics, but it can help prevent many issues. Fixing bite problems or misaligned teeth can prevent the wearing down of teeth. Repairing a broken tooth prevents further damage on the tooth and nearby teeth.

9. Possibly cut costs and save more in the long run – Fixing broken teeth or bite issues can prevent damage on adjacent teeth or gums. Preventing possible future damages can eliminate complex and more expensive surgery or treatments.

10. Accessibility and competitive prices – Dentists and clinics offering dental aesthetics services are increasing. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming widespread and available for almost everyone. Developments in the industry also help regulate the prices for most services.